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All trading names, DTS, Design Technology Solutions, MyAppleMac.Biz, MarkTheMacTec.co.uk relate directly to Mark Wilson and are subject to these terms and conditions.


9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays.

Service will be provided during prime shift time unless otherwise stated on the service agreement.

Parts used in the service of the equipment shall become the property of the customer and parts replaced shall become the property
of DTS.

The customer will provide full and free access to the equipment as necessary to provide the service, If on arrival at the customers location, DTS personnel find that sufficient and proper access is not provided, or that DTS can establish that the call was not warranted, DTS reserves the right to charge the customer for its costs and expenses reasonably incurred for wasted time so caused.


all C.O.D (cash on delivery) work, as stated is payment on completion and must be payed for at that time, unless otherwise stated.

All calls are handled on a first come basis after our service scheme customers.


Agreed specifics such as: inter alia, equipment, locations etc, Failing to inform DTS of a change to your location, may invalidate your
service scheme.

Service scheme’s will expire after 18 (eighteen) months from the point of the last call out, without notice or refund.

Minimum of 30 (thirty) minutes per service visit.
When the customer hours drop to a minimum of 1 (one) hour. They must be topped up to continue with the service scheme. If hours run out the customer will be charged at the full price

The hours can be used only for service or design:

Service = for every 1 (one) hour paid = 1 (one) hour worked

Design  = for every 1 (one) hour paid = 2 (two) hours worked

Service scheme only applies to the address stated on the service scheme form.

Other addresses can only be covered by prior agreement.

Service scheme only covers labour charges, all parts are charged @ 5% over cost price + VAT.

Priority call outs over all other calls. Within 8 working hours.


The customer is liable for insuring the backup and subsequent restoration of any software and data held on magnetic or other media prior to and following the service.

It is the customers responsibility to insure that this data is fully backed up at all times.

Mark Wilson will not accept responsibility for the loss or corruption of customers data however caused.


The supply of manufacturers designated consumable items, media, limited life components or accessories not detailed on the
service agreement.

Where the equipment has been subjected to physical or electrical stress, accidental, neglect, act of sabotage, misuse, electrical storm, flood, failure of electrical power, air conditioning or humidifying equipment, or such causes other than normal use.


If payment is delayed, DTS reserves the right to charge interest on a daily basis from the original due date, at the rate of 4% above the base lending rate as defined by the Bank of England in force from time to time, to the date of receipt by DTS of the charges payable.

Refunds are only offered if the customer is dissatisfied with the standard of work carried out by DTS, and then only if we have failed to right all problems to the customers satisfaction.

Due to the nature of the service scheme, DTS does not offer any refunds on time brought in advance, unless DTS has failed to provide the service stated.

Individual service contracts are also subject to the same conditions.


DTS reserver the right to cancel a agreement at any time within the contract term, at this point, a refund for the remaining time will be issued.


The customer or his employees shall accompany DTS personnel whilst at the customers location for the purpose of this contract.

The customer shall take all responsible precautions to protect the health and safety of DTS personnel, including ensuring the presence of the customer or his employee in the equipment room with DTS personnel during the service visit. In the event that the customer cannot ensure his presence, then DTS reserves the right to remove its personnel from the customers premises until such time that the customer can ensure his presence. DTS will indemnify the customer for direct physical damage to the equipment or property which the customer can establish is the result of negligence by DTS whilst on the customers site for the purpose of this contract. In respect of the equipment, liability is limited to the prompt making good by repair or replacement of any parts of the equipment that has been damaged or destroyed. DTS’ liability for direct physical damage to the property is limited to 100,000 pounds (one hundred thousand) in respect of any one incident or series of related incidents.

DTS shall not be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any loss of profit, loss of contract or any other consequential loss or damage suffered or incurred by the customer.

DTS will indemnify the customer in respect of claims for personal injury or death resulting from the negligence of personnel whilst on the customers site for the purposes of this contract.

All terms and conditions are correct at time of publications and can be amended without notice.